Our Buttercups room starts at 6 weeks of age to 12 months. Our teachers are very loving and caring with our babies.  We make our drop offs as smooth and worry free as possible.  Our routine activities are singing songs, counting, learning colors.  Even for the littlest ones, we sing the ABC’s many times a day and count 1-10.  We sing songs that have motions so our little ones learn the signs and can eventually imitate.  We have a very nurturing as well as educational program.

We supply the pack n play for your child to sleep in and your child is the only one who will use that pack n play.  Diapering is done routinely and of course they are checked constantly between changes.  We have nap times and feeding times and for the littlest ones, naps and feedings are done on the child’s schedule.  Each child is provided with their own labeled bins for diapers, clothing, formula & food, and for refrigerator items.

And of course, all equipment is sanitized constantly during the day.

 Buttercups Room

Rosebud's Lil